Pony Pen

A place for furcadian's to find Mortain's Works

Work work work...

I no longer play furcadia. I might pop in from time to time

Due to constant harassment, I have gone elsewhere now.



Welp, it's been over 18 years and counting on Furcadia, You think I'd have a website by now. Nope. Just now getting around to making a permanent one. Furcadia is my main home away from home on the internet, I've met many wounderful people, made tons of friends, and made lots of things (including modifying others patches.)

I now want to share my works with everyone outside of Roamheart. Some of these patches and works you'll only find here. Some are good. Some are horrible. But their here for the taking now.

So feel free to download to your hearts content, and spread the links with your friends.


Mortain Lumpen