Pony Pen

A place for furcadian's to find Mortain's Works


Oh my!

What you will find here is a collection of my patches (and some others I have permissions to distribute). Some have been uploaded to archives like Roamheart, others have never been distributed. I can't say they're all good, some are downright bad, but I never can say that they're useless. So Here are patches. As they where made.

My Patches:

Black Opal

Black opal was made from images of an actual black opal.

Black Opal floors


Black Pebbles

It changes the cobblestone floors to something more photo-like

Black Pebble Floors



Campfires I made using the default fire wood and some referenced flames.

Animated Campfires


Celtic Lettering

This lettering replaces the default letters in the Item2.fsh file. Numbers are included.

Celtic Letters - Green


Default Sounds Replacements

Default sounds for your whole furcadia program. WARNING! DO not use entire file in dreams. It's too large. But a few sounds would be good in dreams.

default sound replacement image


Desert Horse

Faolin Banin's desert horse with manes.

Desert Horse avatar


Fade to Black

This default grass edging tiles makes your transition in blackspace to grass look all the much nicer.

Fade to black boarder and edging floor patch


Phoenix Flame

Phoenix Flame relpaces the flame you use when you are a pheonix digo. Can also be used as dream effects.

Phoenix Flame - Lightning ball


Gothic Candles

These candles are of the default candles but have been edited to have a better apperance and flame glow around the flame part.

Gothic Candles


Hippogryphs (Sans wings)

My first ever player avatar. It's horrible horrible horrible!

Wingless Hippogryph



A kirby patch made from a sprite sheet. Remapped by myself and turned into an avatar file.

Kirbie game avatar


Long Maned Desert Horses

These long maned desert horses are a mod of Faolin Banin's.

Desert Horses with long manes


Minature "flying" Pegasus

The cuteness of these little creatures is fun and a blast to watch people fly around in their dreams.

minature pegasus avatars


Order of the Wolf

This dream is custom made from the ground up. Floors, walls, items. Using Swiftkill's wolves, and a set of locals. Download includes avatars, items, floors, walls, and dragonspeak to make the patch work for day/night effects..

order of the wolf


Red-Gold Skin

One thing I enjoy doing is skins. This is one of a few I've done in the past. Red/gold background, gold accents, wolf paw buttons. Make sure you also include the ds code included in the text file in order to get the animated scroll bar to work.

red gold skin


Rose Colored Dirt

Taken from a texture of some rose dirt/rocks, this is not one of my better patches, but it does work for some dreams.

Rose colored dirt floor patch


RPG Maker Statues

Taken from RPG maker, with some of my own artwork thrown in to make statues, these items make a great addition to any dream.

RPG maker Statues


Victorian Manor: Complete Dream

Using patches I aquired from various places, this patch is a complete, ready to use dream that is good for starting your own dream, or keeping as a private residence. Includes Map, DS, Patch, Sounds, and credit file.

Victorian Manor Dream


Walking Bunny

I made this patch by combining the feline avatar with the bunny head and tail.

Walking Bunny Animation


Yellow Mire

These floors i consider a failure, however they'd be good for a nasty swamp.

Yellow Mire Floors