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I have had some old programs kicking around for a while now. It's how I patch as fast as I do. And I can assure you these programs help a ton when making walls and floors. Below are the links to these programs, hosted on my server. they do however only work in windows. They've been tested on XP, and 7, not sure about 8 though.

I did not make these programs. I have collected them from all over the net. I do not know who made these either. Look at their respective text documents for support and information. All programs are provided as is, and I do not offer support for them though I will answer basic questions..


Dwarf is a Wall maker and floor maker for single floor tiles. It has a lot of options for making walls, including putting on moss and snow into the files. This is my primary program when making walls as i can control light, shadows and height/width.


Floorgen is a great program when you want to tile floor files into a seamless space. It is a bit tricky however. a 1x1 flooor tile is 1 floor tile, while a 2x2 is 4 tiles, and so on. things can get pretty big pretty fast. I've included a ton of textures with this file for your amusement.


Font Tool

Font tool is a fast and easy way to make basic fonts based on the fonts already on your computer.


Patch Fusion

This program is a bit tricky to use, however it makes combining patches very very easy. Instead of having to copy/paste into a fsh file, it adds them together with an easy click of a button. I have 2 versions of patch fusion. the old version and the new version. More information about patch fusion can be found HERE

OLD Patch Fusion

NEW Patch Fusion


Quick Floors (QFloors)

Quick Floors allows you to tile floor tiles from .bmp files one at a time, however it makes mirror images without distorting text or images on the tile.


Quick Walls2 (QWalls2)

Quick Walls2 allows you to make of all things Junction walls with no muss or fuss when you just need a junction file. It has some basic settings insde like height and thickness but not much else.


Alt Logger

The alt logger allows you to log into all your alts in your character file at once. It's a great way to keep your alts from expiring and prevents you from having to remember seperate renewal times for alts.


Alt Name Check

This program allows you to check names against the furcadia database for existence. If the name exsists, it will notifiy you in red text. If it doesn't exisit, it will notify you in green text.


Alt Creation

Alt Creation allows you to make multiple alts at once with this automated program. (Note, that this program does break the furcadia Terms of service to use, so use at your own risk.)


Alt Email changer

Want to move multiple names to a different email? Well have we got a program for you. This program allows you to change emails of alts all at once. Alts will still need to be email verified however when emails are changed.



A simple to use bot that can be used on a linux server. Configuration is a bit tricky however, but it comes with a how to text file.